A business that lacks a budget sets itself up for various financial issues in the future. This applies to businesses of all sizes and ages. On the other hand, a business

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Creating One-Time and Recurring Bills in Xero Making money is more rewarding than spending it on business obligations. Xero takes some of the drudgery out of your accounts payable duties.

June 2015 If you have multiple users in Xero, you’ll probably want to restrict them to specific areas of the site. If you were still using a paper accounting system,

When you own a small business, a budget can be an important tool for business growth and keep you on track. Budgets provide a road map that guides you from

21 Ways To Improve Cash Flow: If cash flow is a problem for your business, trust me, you are not alone. Many growing businesses struggle with cash flow  – having enough

Hourly Rate – How much should I charge per hour? How did you figure out your hourly rate?  If you just pulled a number out of the air or went

Benefits of a Budget When you hear the word “budget,” what do you think about?  Most people would say something similar to “Ugghh!” If you would rather do just about