There are two methods of recognizing expenses and income in accounting: accrual and cash basis. The kind of method your company chooses will determine how it records and tracks finances.

They’re one of the rewards you get for your conscientious accounting work: reports. Are you using them to make better business decisions? What do you see when you log on

Need to Set Up Users in QuickBooks Online? Your employees probably don’t need access to every corner of QuickBooks Online. Here’s how to set limits. One of the best attributes

Outsourcing is the practice of using external firms to manage work typically conducted within a company. Many entrepreneurs are familiar with this concept, which when done for the appropriate reasons,

Are You Memorizing Transactions? Should You Be? You know that QuickBooks saves a lot of time. But have you explored how it does so by memorizing transactions? Your accounting work

Setting Up Users in QuickBooks If you plan to have multiple employees using QuickBooks, you can limit their access to specific areas. Controlling access to your QuickBooks company file is

Your First Hour with QuickBooks Online Whether you’re just launching a business or you’re going online with an existing company, take some time to get acquainted with QuickBooks Online. Your

Accounting and bookkeeping are essential functions required for businesses and while numerous people use these terms interchangeably, there are significant differences between them. The biggest difference between them is that

Establishing Preferences in QuickBooks Before you start entering data, make sure QuickBooks is set up appropriately for your company. QuickBooks was designed to serve the needs of millions of small

A marketing campaign is a focused and strategic initiative that seeks to attain a specified marketing goal. Executing the campaign needs a systematic process that centers on implementation and the