How Cash Flow Forecasting Works

Running out of money isn’t just an indication of poor planning. It’s also one of the major causes of business failure. One of the ways you can improve cash flow management

Cash flow is not only the lifeblood of a business but also key to assuring sufficient cash is on hand to grow your business, cover expenses, and maximize opportunities. It’s important

Are you experiencing cash flow problems? Don’t let this ruin you.  Cash flow is the money that flows in and out of your business. You typically measure it over set

Effective pricing could break or make your business. Selling well-established merchandise at a cost similar to competitors is an option for retailers if you wish to attract clients to your

Waking to a failed business can be very frustrating. However, there are various warning signs of trouble that could help you take the necessary measures before it’s too late. Gaining

May 2015 Use Xero’s Tracking Categories for More In-Depth Reporting Xero offers numerous ways for you to sort and analyze your financial accounts. Tracking categories provide one kind of insightful

While invoicing is a significant part of operating a small business, it can be a hassle especially for fledgling startups. This process is essential for small businesses because cash flow

For small businesses, few things are more crucial than prompt payments as delays could disrupt cash flow seriously. Regardless of the type or kind of business you own, timely payments

When you own a small business, a budget can be an important tool for business growth and keep you on track. Budgets provide a road map that guides you from

A key performance indicator or KPI is a quantifiable measure a business uses to establish its success in meeting the set strategic and operational goals. Therefore, businesses have varied KPIs