Setting Up Employees in Xero Preparing Xero to process your payroll requires time and attention to detail. Employees mean success. The fact that you’ve been able to hire a staff

Creating One-Time and Recurring Bills in Xero Making money is more rewarding than spending it on business obligations. Xero takes some of the drudgery out of your accounts payable duties.

Lookup – Avalara and Xero team up to make your sales tax less taxing with Sales Tax Lookup! This is a brand new feature in Xero so they do not

July 2015 Working with Bills and Expenses in Xero It’s much more gratifying to work with incoming payments, but the money has to go out sometimes, too. Here’s an overview.

May 2015 Use Xero’s Tracking Categories for More In-Depth Reporting Xero offers numerous ways for you to sort and analyze your financial accounts. Tracking categories provide one kind of insightful

April 2015 Creating Item Records in Xero If your business buys and sells products, Xero can help you with the necessary record-keeping. When it comes to keeping track of inventory,

Your First Hour with Xero Once you’ve gone through the setup process, you’ll be ready to explore Xero’s features – and start entering your company’s records and transactions. If you’ve

Xero – Make Xero Yours: Customize Transaction Forms and Reports Xero’s exceptional flexibility makes it a great application for countless types of businesses. Here’s an overview of some of your

The Cloud and Cloud Accounting What is the Cloud? The easiest way to illustrate the answer to this is, think about when you access the internet, go to your bank’s

Expensify – An Indepth look at a great Xero Add-on Expensify is your online solution for tracking expenses and creating and submitting expense reports. Even if your company does not